May be an image of 11 people, people standing and text that says "PiPA An online Parenting Intervention Prevent affective disorders in high-risk Adolescents: The PIPA Trial PIPA Trial explorin the effectiveness an online resourcef educe depression and anxety in young people. Who part? Families of young people aged 5yearsin What doesit Involve? Parents/carers and people online asked invite factsheets. some online work througha Benefits for families young knowledge ot mental health and emotional wellbeing and support Getin touch! tmail: PIPA@warwick.ac.uk Phone:02476574316or02476575078 Website:www.warwick.ac.uk/pinga QR to website and register take part the trial WARWICK SRARUGE V10, Directinfo Poster, 11.10.202 SRCTN63358736 NIHRI"